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We’re on a mission to simplify after-hours provisioning

Hi there, we are Tom Hahka and Arion Gnotta. Two guys from Los Angeles who love to simplify inefficient processes.

We’re not about to tackle the LA traffic problem. But we are determined to put an end to a frustrating, wasteful process that every year robs a little time from millions of office workers, and a lot of time from thousands of facilities teams.

You’d think, it should be easy to provision after-hours services for building tenants, yet building control systems don’t cater to this need. This leaves Facilities managers jumping through hoops, often staying late, to deal with last-minute after-hours service requests.

Our mission is to help Facilities teams and tenants spend more of their time being productive. Not having to think about whether lighting and air conditioning will be on when they need it.

By giving tenants the ability to schedule their own service requests online, BMS Front can take care of scheduling, fulfillment and billing automatically. This completely releases Facility managers from the tedious chore of after-hour provisioning.

BMS Front is available through our growing network of controls integration partners, we do not sell direct. Contact us for details on approved integration partners in your area.

What’s Our Story?

Hi there. This is Tom, co-founder and CEO. I have worked in the commercial HVAC and building controls business, serving the office building market, for almost twenty years.

It always frustrated me to see educated people spending so much time doing busy-work, to make up for shortcomings in the building control systems I had installed. I felt somewhat responsible. But when I looked for solutions I always came up blank.

One day over drinks with long-time friend, Arion Gnotta, I realized that working together, we could make a difference. We hashed out a plan, and BMS Front was born.

After a year working nights and weekends, dodging our children and spouses, we had a prototype. The field trials were an immediate success, and we knew we were onto something! Thank you Michelle, Jennifer, Rosemary, and Jackie for taking the risk to give us a shot – we are forever in your debt.

Anyway, we built a company around it, and the rest is history in the making. 

Tom Hahka, CEO - BMS Front

Tom Hahka, Co-founder and CEO

Arion Gnotta, CTO - BMS Front

Arion Gnotta, Co-founder and CTO